Price policy at RFM

Price tag

At Royalties Free Music we base our prices as follows:

Individual track
  • Full-length song and jingle, $49.95 a piece
  • Loops, $28 a piece
Pack offer
  • The price of the pack is based on $15 a piece. If the file owns 10 audio tracks the price is $150.

Packs are either a bundle regrouping all the different versions of the same song, such as Loops, jingles, full-length song, remixes.

Or a collection of tracks in the same genre. Ie; electro loops, nu jazz jingles, folk-rock songs, ect…

For each type of pack, the price tag stays the same. $15 a piece.  The number of audio tracks in each offer vary but there is a limit of 5 songs minimum.

Occasional coupons are offered once in a while. Stay tuned and follow the site on Facebook or Twitter to benefit from them.